About us

Our names are Emma and Madeleine. We are 25 year old business owners who love to be creative and LOVE anything aesthetically pleasing. We both live in the Gold Coast, Australia and have a huge passion for women in business. We love to work hard, have a passion for exercise, travelling and organisation. Our goal in life is to help as many people as we can, to be organised, healthy and grow their mindset.

In Charge is an aesthetically pleasing calendar app with health and wellness, and mindset work built within. 3 years ago, we went looking for an app that we could schedule our days in easily, but that we also found was visually pleasing. As two people who love anything neutral, clean, easy to navigate and seamless, we found it impossible to see anything that matched that online. This is how the idea of In Charge began.

In our day to day lives and as business owners, we both consider mindset and health to be very important. Daily we were tracking our steps, trying to keep up with how much water we were drinking and sleep we were having. We were using one book for scheduling, one for journalling, another for gratitudes, sitcky notes for affirmations and photo frames for vision boards. As we both have a passion for travel, we found that it was not feasible carrying around all of those books and we wanted to be reminded of our goals and vision every day. It was then that we introduced the steps, water and sleep trackers into the app. As well as a vision board section, a place to say your gratitudes, write your gratitudes, enter your goals, and do daily journalling.